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He’s the most prolific Stuntrider and Action Sports Entertainer in the Twittersphere… he is Matt Mingay.

Mingay has well over 1 MILLION Devoted fans on Facebook following his every move, thousands more interact during performance weekends using Twitter. Matt Mingay leads an army of fanatical fans – the largest group of action sports enthusiasts in Australian social media history. No other individual has done more to capture the imagination of adrenalin junkies; and no individual has been more successful at it.

He is without doubt the most popular action sports athlete in the entire Oceania region, with a reach and penetration beyond that of V8 Supercar Champions and countless other iconic sporting identities. Get on board and hold on tight, Matt and his team of Stuntz Inc maniacs will continue to set new benchmarks in 2014, with an all-new show that brings his childhood dreams to life and an all-new line-up of stunt vehicles that is destined to become a part of Australian action sports folklore.

  • Performs in front of a live audience of 2.2 million people annually
  • Ranked Australia’s Number 1 Stuntrider
  • Most Recognised and Accomplised Stuntrider and Action Sports Athlete in Australia
  • Australia’s founder of ‘Streetbike Stuntriding’ and still rated as the best entertainer.
  • Only Australian Streetbike Stuntrider to Break Guinness and World Records
  • Only Australian Streetbike Stuntrider to work on Block Buster films and commercials
  • Most Marketable Athlete in Motorsport, appealing to all audiences
  • Voted Number 1 Support Category at V8 Supercar Events 4 years running
  • Professionally Stuntriding since 1997 at the age of 20
  • Invited to compete in International Drift Competition in Australia, qualifying 6th
  • Only Stuntrider in Australia perfoming on a Fire Breathing 1200cc Harley Davidson

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Matt Mingay / No 1 Stunt Rider