Matt Mingay

HOMETOWN: Gold Coast, Queensland
DAY JOB: Professional Stuntrider and Action Sports Athlete
RIDING / DRIVING SINCE: Pro since 1997. I entered and won the Australian Stunt Riding Championships back in 97 on my Kawasaki KR1S 250. I beat the European Champion at the time which really inspired me to take my riding serious. So I quit my Motorbike Apprenticeship in Brisbane to follow my dreams. It's hard work and I honestly work 7 days a week, but I love what I do and the people I meet along the way. I'm incredibly grateful thats for sure.
FAVOURITE TRICK: Knee scraping wheelies and rubbing panels with Kents drift car
HOBBIES: Boxing, drifting, stunting, jetskiing, boating, chasing my 2 kids on mini bikes, Polaris off-roaders… and snail farming
IN YOUR iPOD: Macklemore, Flume and Bliss n Eso
TASTIEST FOOD: Definitely Chicken Palmy's. My wife always says I'm going to turn into one-one day lol. Oh and cheesecake. Don't ask me to share or its a flat out NO!
BIGGEST CRASH: Crashing my SST in Detroit wins hands down. It ripped open my jaw, shattering all my jaw and mouth bones. I also lost 9 teeth, fractured my T1, had bruised lungs and a traumatic brain injury. It took 18 months to re-build my mouth so I could finally get a new set of pearly whites and enjoy a steak! God, it was good too.

Madzy ‘Evel’ Mingay

HOMETOWN: Gold Coast, Queensland
DAY JOB: #1 Son
YEARS DRIVING/RIDING: 10 years. I started riding 2 days before my 3rd birthday
FAVOURITE TRACK: Supercars GC600 because I love showing off in front of my home crowd and all my mates
FIRST VEHICLE: PeeWee 50. Dad always let me jump him too, it was so cool
YOUR VEHICLES AT THE MOMENT: YCF 150, Husky 65, HONDA CRF 50, Electric Oset Bikes (2), Polaris RZR 150, Polaris 170, 450 Trophy Kart, Bone Shaker JNR Drift Car and a Mazda 1000 Ute. We are putting a rotary engine in it so it will be so cool
SIGNATURE TRICK: One hander wheelies on my stunt bike. Oh and kicking Dads butt racing Super Trucks
TASTIEST FOOD: Club sandwich. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So what's not to like about it
BIGGEST CRASH: I got skills, I don't crash, der

Kent Dalton

HOMETOWN: Ballarat, Victoria but now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland
DAY JOB: Director of Hi-Torque Performance. We specialise in high performance vehicles and look after all the Hot Wheels Stunt Teams engines so it keeps us very busy as you can imagine.
YEARS DRIVING: I joined the Stuntz Inc Team 7 years ago and never looked back. Matt and I have an absolute ball on track blazing tyres and rubbing panels. We're now at a point where we can read each other with our eyes closed, which is exactly what you want and need to put on the best show for the punters.
SIGNATURE TRICK: Running out of talent and crashing
HOBBIES: Boating, wakeboarding, travelling and catching cane toads
IN YOUR iPOD: Britney Spears and Bliss n Eso
TASTIEST FOOD: A home cooked roast. Oh and Em's (my better half's) brownies. They're a team favourite. So much so, I've been told by the boys not to turn up at an event if I don't have a container full. They last 1 day lol. It's our athlete diet haha.
BIGGEST CRASH: Front straight of Sydney Motorsport Park @ Top Gear Live 2011. I hit the wall in front of 30,000 people. The crowd loved it. My car.....not so much.


Chris Mingay

HOMETOWN: Ipswich, Queensland
DAY JOB: Crackbuster at Revo Group
YEARS DRIVING: 2 more than Matt, not quality years though…
FAVOURITE TRACK: Finke in Alice Springs. I’ve been defeated once rolling it hard core but I finished it on my second attempt back in 2017. I was absolutely stoked
YOUR VEHICLES AT THE MOMENT: 78 Bandit Trans Am, Harley Chopper, Silverado Duallie, 69 Manx Beach Buggy, Raptor Trophy Truck
SIGNATURE TRICK: Losing wheels
IN YOUR iPOD: Gunners, INXS, that stupid Purple Hat-Cheetah print song
TASTIEST FOOD: Bacon and maple syrup pancakes
BIGGEST CRASH: St George 399, forward flip in a trophy truck. It felt good….NOT

Benny Wilkinson

HOMETOWN: Gold Coast, Queensland
DAY JOB: CNC Water jet cutting / property maintenance
YEARS DRIVING: 14yrs of professional drifting and have been in the Stuntz Inc Team for  about a year and a half now
SIGNATURE TRICK: Crashing. I swear the walls jump out at you sometimes hey
FAVOURITE TRACK: Supercars GC600. Its such a tight awesome track
FIRST VEHICLE: VC Commodore with diesel squirtter. It was the bomb
HOBBIES: Trying to outdrive Matt Mingay at all tracks, building cars, sailing, racing cars and helping my sons develop their racing skills
IN YOUR iPOD: 90’s-2000 Hip Hop, Blink 182, Post Malone, Eminem, Bliss n Eso, Dr Dre and Hilltop Hoods
TASTIEST FOOD: Cheese kransky and Em’s chocolate brownies
BIGGEST CRASH: Broken pelvis mountain biking. It still gives me grief god dam it

Benny Nelson

HOMETOWN: Mullumbimby, New South Wales
DAY JOB: Mechanic / Sales Consultant
YEARS RIDING: 16 years but ive been with the Stuntz Inc Team since 2015
FAVOURITE TRACK: Darwin and Townsville Supercars. The crowd get right into it too some have so much adrenalin to put on a wicked show. It’s an unreal feeling thats for sure. I wouldn’t give it up for the world
FIRST VEHICLE: Sickest VT Commodore. I cut the rear springs so it looked like it was towing an invisible caravan ??
SIGNATURE TRICK: No hander wheelies. It took a while to master but I love them
IN YOUR iPOD: Heavy metal, hardcore and punk rock
TASTIEST FOOD: Mexican and spicy stuff
BIGGEST CRASH: Front straight of Sandown. The front wheel tucked on a massive skid and I slid up the track with the bike. Would’ve looked pretty funny

Kris Force aka Gary 

HOMETOWN: Doncaster, England but now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland
DAY JOB: Hot Wheels / Stuntz Inc all rounder. I drive the teams Kenworth Semi, do a lot of the maintenance on the cars and love giving Mingay a hard time 
YEARS DRIVING: 29 years and have been in the Stuntz Inc Team since 2017
SIGNATURE TRICK: Setting Mingay on fire …. No seriously though ?
FAVOURITE TRACK: North course Ebisu Japan. Its next level and I can’t wait to get back there one day
FIRST VEHICLE: Voxhaul Chevrolet
HOBBIES: Shaving my arm pits and teaching my little girl how to be a rat bag
IN YOUR iPOD: Johnny Cash / Pearl Jam / Eminem/ The Jam
TASTIEST FOOD: Chocolate covered waffles. It’s the way to a man heart. Well, mine anyway
BIGGEST CRASH: YZ250 full speed over the bars / broken elbows a few stitches. That was my blaze of glory moment

BIGGEST SECRET: My name is actually Kristen. Yeah yeah, I know, I have a girls name, laugh it up. You’re welcome.


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