Melbourne 4×4 EXPO

This year was the first time the team have ever performed at the Melbourne 4X4 Expo so they were super pumped to get in front of a new and exciting crowd. As soon as the gate opened on Friday they couldn’t believe how many people flooded through the gates. There were people everywhere.

The boys were hired to perform in their Super Trucks out on the main arena so they made a small little track so they could do race for time. As soon as it came time to perform their first show there were a heap of dark clouds hovering over and sure enough, it poured down with rain 5 mins before the show was scheduled to begin. That didn’t stop the boys though. They may not have a windscreen or side windows but man did they really had fun with it.

Rusty (the MC) was out on the field commentating the time trials between Matt and Madz and talking up the boys and Matt was absolutely roosting him with mud but all he could do was stand there and take it. It was hilarious and by the end of the show he was covered from head to toe and couldn’t see out of his glasses.

Saturday was a perfect day and there were so many fans coming up for signed posters and photos with the stars. There was so many unreal stands set up at the expo for punters that loved camping and fishing, it was insane. Camping these day sure isn’t what it used to be and it has evolved so much its incredible. I would defiantly recommend add this to your calendar if you love the outdoors.

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