Newcasle Supercars

Matt and the Hot Wheels Stunt Team performed for the first time at the Newcastle Supercars and boy did they come out all tyres blazing!! We had the Hot Wheels Activation and Kids Fun Zone set up  and it was a battle to get onto theHot Wheels play tables to play with all the latest Hot Wheels cars and track sets. There was 15-20 kids on each table at all times, it was crazy. Matt was also surprised with a pretty bunch of flowers from one of his biggest fans, he felt so special.

The team were hired to perform in their Hot Wheels Drift Cars and I can tell you, Matt and Kent were itching to get out the gates to tear it up. The circuit has an unreal hill climb which you don’t get at many race tracks and after hitting the top, it was a sharp hook to the left with an amazing descending windy road overlooking the beach so the boys were in heaven. Matt was hitting the declining road sideways in his Camaro at 160kph watching the track through his side window. It’s a really hard part of the track to shave off speed and he actually thought he was going to clip one of the bends but he scarped through for a flawless performance twice a day for the 3 days.
Kent was fast on his heels in the Hot Wheels Drift Ute blazing his Maxtrek Tyres. Kent did an outstanding job keeping up with the speed of the Camaro giving the 500hp to 850ph difference. The boys were then greeted by the Newcastle fans with a standing ovation after each performance after climbing out of their cars. Needless to say…. we can’t wait to get back there to shred some more rubber for all the locals near and far.

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