The Wollongong Motorcycle Festival The Wollongong Motorcycle Festival was an absolute cracker this year with a huge number of displays set up for motorbike enthusiasts not to mention when the arena lit up on Saturday night for the Supercross Championship. Its was such a great motorbike event for all ages.

This year was the first time the Mingay ‘Father and Son’ duo have performed together at the Motorbike Expo since Matts horrible accident in Detroit back in 2016. They were set up on a beautiful grass hill area in front of the Wollongong Esplanade overlooking the beach. This give little Madz (just 12 years old) the perfect opportunity to brush up on his skills on a perfect little flat footpath behind the semi and that was exactly what he did.

The boys performed a huge number of tricks with good mate and fellow Stunt Rider ‘Lukey Luke’ doing spreader wheelies, circle wheelies and knee dragging scrapes to name a few. Madz called out Matt and Lukey to see who could do the longest wheel stand. Being Motorbike Pros the guys excepted the challenge and it was on for young and old. Matt was the first to go and managed to wheelie just over half the length but the camber got the better of him so he was shattered.
Lukey was next up, he was off to a cracking start and managed to wheelie the full length of the road before putting the front wheel down so he was incredibly confident he had it in the bag. So up popped Madz who not only managed to wheelie the full length, but also turned it around and started wheeling back to the start line. This was when he took 1 hand off the bars waving the number with his index finger!!! The little rat bag one hands down and managed to do it one handed. The crowd went nuts for it haha.

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